It’s a Good Life

Its a good life Episode 73 (3 November 1961)
A village is in another dimension without power and all its inhabitants frightened by a monster that controls your thoughts and do not bear to be contradicted. This monster is a six years old child, not even his parents are encouraged to question his thoughts for fear of his cruelty and his supernatural powers.
The kid is great as a capricious and cruel monster. Perhaps this episode criticizes parents who do not know how to set limits to the kids and end up doing what they want. But you can see the messages between the lines of the mother, when she lets him go and play at the barn (he may fall, that would be bad…).
Score: 8

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The Twilight Zone intro

The Twilight Zone is a series of science fiction and horror from 1959 to 1964. Generally deal with issues of fashion in those days: as the aliens, the nuclear threat, future robots, space travel, etc. I started to see it this year, more than 50 years after its premiere. And I´ve got a big surprise when I met with a spectacular series, excellent from every point of view.
In each episode you can see between the lines that they are looking for a message, within the fairy tale there is a criticism or comment about the society itself. It seems that Rod Soderling was critical of the censorship system from  the United States in those years of McCarthyism . So through these “simple” fantastic stories they could criticize the hypocritical society where they lived, saying things that they couldn´t directly say.
Anyways, the real works of art never go out of fashion.

(you can download the episodes, in the post of every one you have a link of it from mediafire)

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