The Twilight Zone intro

The Twilight Zone is a series of science fiction and horror from 1959 to 1964. Generally deal with issues of fashion in those days: as the aliens, the nuclear threat, future robots, space travel, etc. I started to see it this year, more than 50 years after its premiere. And I´ve got a big surprise when I met with a spectacular series, excellent from every point of view.
In each episode you can see between the lines that they are looking for a message, within the fairy tale there is a criticism or comment about the society itself. It seems that Rod Soderling was critical of the censorship system from  the United States in those years of McCarthyism . So through these “simple” fantastic stories they could criticize the hypocritical society where they lived, saying things that they couldn´t directly say.
Anyways, the real works of art never go out of fashion.

(you can download the episodes, in the post of every one you have a link of it from mediafire)

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